Altonized Community Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer several Financial Services as well as several Convenient Services to our members.

Visa Gift Card and Travel Cards

Visa Gift Cards are available at the credit union and can be purchased in any denomination ranging from $10 to $500.  There is a $2 charge per card and it takes 24 hours for the card to be activated.  Some restrictions apply when using the card.

Visa Travel Money Card is simply a pre-paid VISA card that is ideal for traveling or kids away at school.  The card can be loaded in any denomination from $100 to $5,000 and is reloadable up to 3 additional times.  This card is not tied to your bank account so no account information would be lost if the card was stolen.  There is a $3 charge per card.

Money Orders

Money orders can be issued in any amount up to $1,000 and there is a $1 charge per money order.

Wire Transfer

The Credit Union can wire funds from your account here to another account as long as the correct wiring instructions are provided.  There is a $20 fee for wiring out.

The Credit Union can also receive wire transfers into your account with the Credit Union.  Simply provide the following information to whomever is doing the wire.

Incoming Wire Transfers
Millennium Corporate Credit Union
St. Louis, Mo
ABA #301180111

Further Credit:
Altonized Community Federal Credit Union
Acct #281076170

Final Credit:
Member’s Name
Member’s Account Number

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit enables you to have your entire or partial paycheck, Social Security check or other recurring government check automatically deposited to your account with the Credit Union on your payday.

Notary Public

Altonized offers notary public services to our members.  There are 2 qualified notary publics to assist you in your needs.  As a reminder, all papers needing to be notarized must be signed in the presence of a notary.  There is no fee for this service.

Illinois License Sticker Renewal

Altonized offers Illinois License Renewal Stickers.  There is a $6.00 fee plus the cost of the Sticker.  Simply bring in your registration form that you received in the mail.

Real Estate Tax Payment Center

Altonized is able to accept Property Tax payments for residents of Madison County, Illinois.   You will need to bring in your Tax Coupons.

Theme Park Tickets

Altonized offers discounted Theme Park tickets to:

Six Flags St. Louis    
General Admission $46
Season Pass $65.50
Buy online at the Online Ticket Store or at the Credit Union
Username for online purchase is: ALTFCU   Password is:  SixFlags8

Raging Rivers
Tickets are available online at with Corporate Code AF1701

Silver Dollar City
Tickets are available online at with Promo Code #23471