Regulation D Chart

Limitations on Withdrawals and Transfers from Savings (Suffix 0)
Regulation D limits the number of withdrawals that can be performed every month from a savings account.
All Banks and Credit Unions are subject to this regulation.    The Federal Reserve Bank has determined that an account exceeding six (6) transfers or withdrawals of a certain type per month constitutes a transactional account.   Therefore, in order to stay in compliance, the number of Reg D type transactions done on non-transactional accounts (Savings Suffix 0) is limited to six per month.

The chart below demonstrates the transactions that will and will not trigger Reg D.

Unlimited Withdrawals
permitted when:
Unlimited Transfers
permitted when:
Limited to Six Transfers or Withdrawals permitted per month when:
-Made in person
-Made by messenger/mail
-Requested by letter
-Made at an ATM
-Made by phone, fax or computer if check payable to member and mailed to home
Made between accounts of the same member by:
In Person
Made to a third party, if made by:
-Check/Debit Card
-Automatic Transfer/BillPay

Made to another account of the members at the credit union:

Transferred to the member’s other accounts at the credit union;
-ACH/Auto Transfer


Regulation D requires that Altonized Community Federal Credit Union take steps to prevent excessive transactions in non-transactional accounts.  For members who continue to violate these limits after they have been contacted by the Credit Union, there will be a fee imposed to help cease this activity.   If it persists after the fee is imposed, then the account could be closed.

Please contact the Credit Union with any questions that you have.